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"Team Beings"

Coaching the most Powerful Force on Earth

"Team Beings"

Resistance is not futile, its a Choice

 Its time for each and every individual "Being" world wide to make a choice. But in order to make that choice, one must first posses clear knowledge and understanding of worldly truths. For that you first need to read my book titled; The Real Armageddon. It contains a Message from the Consciousness of Creation; Every Being needs to read this book and make a Choice, which will determine our civilizations destiny. 

Its time for all Beings worldwide to take immediate offensive action against the technological imprisonment and enslavement of civilization, (NWO). CV-19 is Psychologically implanted Fear. It is Psychological Warfare that has been unleashed upon the masses. The Next Step is  (forced trans-human vaccinations) This is a crime against sovereign "Beings", it's a crime against humanity. 

This is an Act of World War on the masses 

The Real Armageddon is underway, and we “Beings”must unite and take immediate action before its game over.

Although 2020 is an unprecedented year for "Beings" taking to the streets in massive protest worldwide regarding various injustices, we have yet to witness any significant positive changes implemented, other than increased censorship and tighter civilian lockdowns, and probable forced vaccinations, including containment camps for those resisting. 

It is very evident that our voices are insignificantly ignored by all world governing bodies. 


 We "Beings" need to understand that the primary threat to all of humanity and Gia, is the oligarchic/ elite's (NWO) agenda, and their  control over "Our Governments".  We "Beings" need to target the Root Cause of all world injustice, which are the multi headed serpents of the oligarchic society, and their many tentacles (puppet governments) 

The choke hold on "Our" world governments must be severed at the source, the serpents heads. 

We can deal with the many tentacles after the Heads of control are removed. "We Beings need to identify, seek out and face the multi heads of these evil serpents directly, within their places of hiding. We need subdue these serpents, and sever their tentacles, and hold them Liable for Crimes Against Humanity. 

The greatest threat to “Our” Planet and "Our" civilization are AI & 5G technology, and Nuclear weapons.  

I firmly believe that every Being, including all legitimate resistance groups and organizations worldwide, need to Unite with One Powerful Voice and One Primary Goal, and that is to remove the Oligarchic Evil Serpents, threatening our individual sovereignty and Our planet

 Participation in an open, nonviolent world revolt against the oligarchic society, is every “Beings” individual duty to Gia, and our civilization. The challenge to end oligarchic rule, will cause world hardship and it will take time to re-balance.  However "We Beings" will face hardships regardless, as evidenced in the deceptive worldwide lockdowns and the ignoring of world protests! 

To prevail we "Beings" must all say NO, Enough is Enough. It will require individual self-sacrifice,  individual disobedience to deceptive laws, and sustained world protest to obtain positive world change.  Collective world class warfare is required.

The foundation of this oligarchic/ elite control is a pyramid system built upon the backs of every working Being. We “Beings” are the support system, the foundation of their entire empire. This pyramid system is a huge vacuum, sucking hard earned cash from billions of slaves into the pyramid top. This is enslavement, and the only way to escape it, is by Standing United and saying, 

“NO” Enough is Enough. 

 Rationally, if "We Beings" simply Stop feeding cash into this vacuum, it would stop functioning almost immediately. The foundation will collapse, and the pyramid will implode, rendering the oligarchic/ elite powerless. If "We Beings" simply Stop purchasing or paying for all non essential items, like fines, fees, permits, registrations, certificates, licenses, insurance, taxes, credit cards,  lotto tickets, etc, etc, etc.

 If the masses removed their cash out of the stock markets, and the banks, the elite's will squeal in pain. 

The Real Armageddon is underway, "We Beings”are in a Technological War! 

Think of what you can do as an individual and Team Player to Stop supporting this corrupt evil system. Stop submitting to the deceptive lockdown laws, become disobedient, and protect your sovereignty !

Remember the oligarchic / elite tactics, of divide, concur, control.  Well the CV-19 lockdown laws are designed to divide the masses, to divide families, to divide friends, to divide communities, they turn Being against Being. 

They are designed to prevent "Beings" from Uniting.

 It is absolutely critical that "We Beings" set our programmed indifferences aside, and begin supporting each other. We Beings must become United as One Powerful Force demanding positive world change. "We Beings" must demand our government, our police, and our military, protect and serve the will of its citizens, and not the elite agenda. Demand the  heads of the oligarchic/ elite serpents and their tentacles are all arrested and prosecuted for Unprecedented Crimes Against Humanity.

I believe these are the primary serpents, Bill and Milenda Gates, Clause Swaub, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Monsanto's, the Vatican, and the British Monarch.

 Civilization has entered the cusp of a new dawn. The War has been silently initiated by the oligarchic/ elite kicking off psychological warfare, and attacking our individual sovereignty . It is an Armageddon without rules (forcible injections). But the oligarchic/ elite have overlooked the masses love of competitive sport and our programmed will too win. This is precisely why “Team Beings” is reaching out to all sports fans worldwide.  Sports fans are the strongest avenue to spread the message, and unite the world masses.  "Team Beings”  are civilizations and Gia’s only salvation and we must prevail.

Collectively we "Beings" are the most power force on Earth, we are over 7.5 billion strong, but we must unite as one collective force, one powerful voice, with one common goal, and we must take action Now!





Please share this message unequivocally with all fellow “Beings”

If you have chosen the Altruistic Path, then you must personally change, you must become an Altruistic Being.

You must become the collective voice of the world masses. You are the Tsunami Wave of positive world change. “Team Beings” are the most powerful force on earth. Every Being that stands up inspires others worldwide to Unite, for the greater good of all life!