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"Team Beings"

About us; "Team Beings"

Welcome Fellow Beings, "Team Beings" is committed to spreading a vital message to All "Beings" worldwide. It’s time for All Beings to awaken to real world truth, and its time for each and every individual Being to make a choice. For those who have chosen the Altruistic Path,  its time to become the Tsunami Wave, supporting and manifesting positive world change. 

We "Beings" determine the path and destiny of civilization. Our destiny is Our choice, this is the law of Creation.

"Team Beings" is not a resistance group or organization. Think of "Team Beings" as the sideline Cheer Leaders,  

a Tsunami Wave of Beings that support various legitimate protest organizations, worldwide.

We Beings need to Stand Up and support Our Fellow Beings


Our world as we know it is rapidly being transformed. New World Oder is being incrementally and forcibly implemented without the masses knowledge or consent. NWO, AI & 5G, is the technological imprisonment, enslavement, and transformation of  humanity. There will be no escaping this system once it's implemented. 

Trans-humanism will be the End of human civilization as we know it today. 

Trans-humanism is the Oligarchic/ elite obsession for planetary rule. 

 The natural evolution of "Beings" is the Will of Creation!

The Real Armageddon is well underway! The time is upon each and every "Being" to make a choice. 


It's Time for Change

For two thousand years we "Beings" have suffered in forced negative energy,

It's "Beings" time to thrive in Positive Energy, this is Creations Will, and Our true destiny.

It’s time to change our ways, its time to change our thoughts and intentions.

It’s time to manifest a Tsunami Wave of positive loving energy worldwide.

It’s time to Manifest a brighter future for our children's children.

Believe in your “Being”,

Believe in your “Beings” Power,

Believe in “Team Beings” Collective Power

United “Beings” are the only salvation for humanity and Gia.

Team “Beings” the Tsunami Wave of love energy, is the most powerful force on Earth.

Author; Michel A. de Visser

I am a Fellow Being, who accepted knowledge and understanding from Creations Consciousness, with an intent to share unequivocally with all Fellow Beings worldwide, regardless of race or religion. To accomplish this task I present an original, one of a kind  book and website. I do not classify nor profess myself as a leader of any movement, but rather a messenger, and a "Being"coach. My altruistic intention is to assist in the awakening of "Beings" worldwide,  because the time has come for civilization to choose its destiny.

Every Being needs to read this book and make that choice, before its game over!