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"Team Beings"

Welcome Fellow Beings

 It’s very encouraging to have so many Beings visiting our site. Thank you for  uniting with Team Beings and for sharing your  love energy. I presume some visitors have already read and hopefully shared my newly released book, 

The Real Armageddon. 

I truly believe that everyone who reads this book,  will perceived clarity, knowledge, and understanding of the Choice that must be made by every individual Being. 

For those who have not yet read the book, I highly recommend you do so, because it contains a Message from the Consciousness of Creation. Every Being needs to read this book and make a Choice. 

Find more info about the book and where to order it, go to our store page. 

Please tour our site, we provide some intriguing articles, and video’s to assist in gaining greater knowledge and understanding of true world events unfolding.  We provide a blog section; Just Talk, where we encourage positive, productive, open minded communication, we will accept appropriate articles and videos that contain truth and Altruistic intentions.

I encourage all Beings to please leave a positive review of this site, and of my book.

Thank you, to all Fellow Beings for becoming the Tsunami Wave of positive world change.


NWO vs "Beings"

The Real Armageddon that will determine civilizations destiny, 

Every Being will participate regardless.

Unite World Wide

"Team Beings" requests each and every Being's unconditional love and support. 

We "Beings" must unite worldwide as one Massive Tsunami Wave and prevail in this Armageddon. 

The Incremental Implementation of

Technological Imprisonment & Enslavement 

A hand full of sinister creatures, the oligarchic/ ruling elite intend to forcibly inject the masses with a deceptive vaccine in order to control our DNA, our bodies and our minds, and  transform the masses into trans-human slaves. Laws have been and are being passed in many western countries for the forceable injection of these deceptive trans-human injections. CV-19 is Psychological Ware Fare, unleashed upon the world masses.  Forced deceptive vaccines or "Biological Ware Fare" is on the horizon. This is a grotesque crime against the sovereign "Being" and all humanity, this is an Act of War against the world masses, the Armageddon is truly underway, its time action. 



Its Time to make a Choice!

Its Time for Immediate Action

This site is dedicated to educate the masses of whats transpiring, how civilization is being unknowingly transformed. 



For greater in depth knowledge and understanding of the path that civilization is unknowingly and forcibly being herded down, please watch the video's below, they are both very shocking and extremely informative. 

Other must watch video's are;

 The recent Law Suite Filed against the WHO organization, for crimes against humanity. 

A Hard Look At Artificial Intelligence

The true intent of AI & 5G is the technological imprisonment and enslavement of civilization.  

"Human 2.0" A Wake-Up Call to the World

The true intent of the vaccine is to link humans to AI & 5G


Covid 19 on Trial

Valuable insight